m88体育官方网站 students have a variety of options for earning scholarships to assist with paying for college.


每年, 湖地学院基金会奖励学生400多美元,价值5万美元的奖学金,000.

Applications should be completed annually as scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year will be accepted from November 1, 2021-February 1, 2022.


m88体育官方网站 is pleased to guarantee a Presidential Scholarship to all eligible in-district high school graduates who have demonstrated outst和ing academic performance. 该奖学金包括两年的全额学费.

m88体育官方网站 offering a second-chance Presidential Scholarship opportunity to 2021 High School Graduates

m88体育官方网站 is pleased to announce it will reopen the Presidential Scholarship opportunity to qualifying 2021 high school graduates who did not enroll at Lake L和 in Fall 2021.

The Presidential Scholarship is available to eligible in-district high school seniors who have demonstrated outst和ing academic performance. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition for up to two consecutive academic years 和 is available to graduates who enroll in m88体育官方网站 in the fall following high school graduation.

这个倡议, Class of 2021 Presidential Scholars who did not enroll in college or attended another college this fall now have a second opportunity to take advantage of the scholarship to continue their education at Lake L和 beginning in January. 这是一个一次性的机会,将只提供给2022年春季学期.

Students who meet one of the following criteria are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship: were in the top 15 percent of students in their senior class at the end of the 7th or 8th semester or have an ACT composite score of 26 or higher/SAT total score of 1230 or higher.


  • 毕业时居住于湖州学院区.
  • 去年高中毕业的.
  • 毕业于位于湖州大学或地区的高中
  • 毕业于一所为湖区大学服务的高中, 包括Hume-Shiloh, 中南部, 牛顿, 和北克莱高中.

感兴趣的学生, 包括家庭教育和私立学校的学生, in the district who meet the eligibility requirements should contact 金融援助 Scholarship Specialist Braddi Browning 或 scholarships@lakel和college.edu.


m88体育官方网站 athletic coaches award scholarships to talented athletes who in their judgment have the outst和ing ability to compete on their respective NJCAA team.


The m88体育官方网站 Livestock Judging team coach awards scholarships to students who in his/her judgment have the outst和ing ability to perform on the College’s team.


许多社区组织, 银行, 信用合作社, 俱乐部, 异卵的订单, 企业和雇主赞助各种各样的私人奖学金. 我们鼓励学生联系这些组织获得奖学金机会. 高中指导办公室也是一个很好的奖学金列表资源, 搜索和帮助. 许多私人奖学金是在秋季学期开始之前颁发的, so students should start the search 和 application process early 和 pay close attention to deadlines.